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Our Web Journal, located on the Home page, keeps you up to date on Alliance Institute news, events, and projects.

Recent postings

Our Web Journal, located on the Home page, will keep you up to date on Alliance Institute news, events, and projects.  Below are some highlights of recent Journal postings.


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BP Settlement and Healthcare Access in Eastern New Orleans

June 8, 2014 - Stephen Bradberry of Alliance Institute appears on WGNO TV's "The 411" show“ to discuss expansion of health care access in New Orleans East and the Gulf Region... Click here for video 

BP Settlement Money Targets Eastern New Orleans Healthcare

May 30, 2014 - “Language barriers and access is a major issue for marginalized communities in New Orleans,” said Stephen Bradberry, Executive Director of the Alliance Institute. “What we’re focused on is to not just reach out to the Vietnamese community, but to also work with service providers in order for them to be more sensitive to needs and cultural differences of this population..." Click here for full story

Podcast of Garland Robinette Show: On New Orleans East Healthcare

May 28, 2014 - Alliance Institute Executive Director Stephen Bradberry and VIET Executive Director Cyndi Nguyen discuss access to health care in New Orleans East and along the Gulf Coast. Click here for podcast

New Orleans East to Receive Portion of BP Settlement

May 21, 2014 - "The Alliance Institute is charged with community involvement for the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program (GRHOP), a five-year program dedicated to strengthening healthcare, health literacy, and resiliency of Gulf Coast communities affected by the BP oil spill..." Click here for full story

New Orleans East Set to Receive a Portion of $105 Million BP Settlement to Increase Access to Healthcare

May 21, 2014 - "Today, the Alliance Institute announced that New Orleans East will receive a portion of the $105 million BP settlement awarded to coastal communities affected by the oil disaster. The Alliance Institute was instrumental in securing the BP funding for Eastern New Orleans, and 17 other counties and parishes along the Gulf Coast. The settlement is dedicated to increasing access to healthcare for Gulf Coast residents..." Click here for full story

Three Gulf Coast Victories Scored Since the BP Spill

April 18, 2014 - “These communities gave input early on that helped to shape the program that is now coming back to provide health services to them,” says Steve Bradberry, executive director of Alliance Institute, which helped facilitate the community input. Another silver lining here is that the new health centers, some of which are just now coming online, are being built in states where the governors have turned down federal funding to expand Medicaid..." Click here for full story

Robert F. Kenedy Clinic Opens in the Gulf Coast

July 29, 2013 - "Kerry Kennedy was joined by Dr. Shondra Williams of Jefferson Community Health Care Centers (JCHCC), Health eVillages Consultant and RFK Center Board Member Phil Johnston, and Alliance Institute Director Stephen Bradberry today for the grand opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Lafitte Medical Clinic in Jean Lafitte, Louisiana..." Click here for full story

 Making Decisions for Unexpected Costs

Oct. 25, 2012 - "...Unexpected costs WILL occur. No matter how hard you try, something will slip through and result in a staffer running up with an emergency cost that was not planned for. The 3 questions listed above will help you through these times in a way that cuts worry, is justifiable, and won't eat into your schedule...." Click here for full story

BP Oil Settlement Grants Will Pay for Health Care, Mental Health Services on Gulf Coast

May 6, 2012 - "...The Primary Care project will be led by the New Orleans-based Louisiana Public Health Institute, a nonprofit focusing on improving health care access through public-private partnerships, foundations, academia, community groups and private businesses; and the New Orleans-based Alliance Institute, a nonprofit aimed at providing residents with the tools to participate in public institutions..." Click here for full story

Beyond the BP Oil Disaster: To Fight or Lead? - That Is the Question

Apr. 24, 2012 - "...By focusing, as too often occurs, on an all-or-none solution we run the very real risk of marginalizing ourselves and our communities to the peanut gallery, hurling complaints from the sidelines as opposed to meaningful participation in the direction of our recovery, and that would be a tragedy...." Click here for full story

Gulf Coast Community Organizations Still Deserve Applause for RESTORE Act

Apr. 11, 2012 - "...When the Senate passed the RESTORE Act it reflected elements of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, and the “One Gulf, Resilient Gulf” plan. It also represented a major win for grassroots organizations and the hard work they and their communities have put forth since Katrina..." Click here for full story

Victims of BP Oil Spill Still Need Health Care: A Guest Column by Kerry Kennedy

Aug. 6, 2011 - "...Along with New Orleans-based Alliance Institute, I recently joined a delegation traveling across the Gulf Coast region, speaking with fishermen, oystermen, shrimpers, restaurant workers and neighbors about the illnesses they have suffered in the wake of this calamity..." Click here for full story

BP Disaster a Year Later, Healthcare Crisis Worsens

July 28, 2011 - "...The residents are sick," [Kerry] Kennedy told IPS. "They don't know what the exact cause of their illness is, but because they never suffered this way before the spill and they were all out on their fishing boats throughout the clean-up, they suspect this has something to do with the toxins...." Click here for full story

Kerry Kennedy to Lead Delegation to Gulf Coast to Assess Healthcare Crisis Since BP Drilling Disaster

July 22, 2011 - "Kerry Kennedy, president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, will lead a delegation to the Gulf Coast region July 24 to 26, 2011, to assess the scope of the emerging healthcare crisis in the wake of the BP drilling disaster. The delegation will be hosted by New Orleans-based Alliance Institute...." Click here for full story

Community Organizer Stephen Bradberry: Making Things Right After the BP Oil Spill

Apr. 20, 2011 - "...The same coastal communities that were directly impacted by the 2005 hurricane season are the same communities that were impacted by the BP oil disaster. The primary concern for myself and many who have worked to help communities since Hurricane Katrina is that the residents of these coastal communities will continue to suffer the lack of Federal oversight that left us vulnerable to corporate greed over public safety...." Click here for full story

Five People Have Died in Grand Isle That Had No Health Problems Prior to Oil Disaster, Says Top Official for Non-Profit

Jan. 17, 2011 - "...Stephen Bradberry, executive director of the Alliance Institute, a non-profit that provides community organising support in the Gulf South, worries that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not accepting health claims, thus leaving sick residents unable to work and without any income to pay their medical bills..." Click here for full story

Sick Gulf Residents Beg for Help

Jan. 14, 2011 - “...There is bruising and skin lesions, not just with clean-up workers, these are residents not involved in the clean-up,” [Alliance Institute's Stephen] Bradberry told IPS. “Just yesterday I learned of five people on Grand Isle who passed away…people who did not have health problems prior to this. Nevertheless, there has not been any talk of monitoring of these communities...”  Click here for full story

If Not Now When? – Oil Spill Response Bill May Not Survive Incoming 112th Congress

Dec. 5, 2010 - “…As the 111th Congress of the United States of America draws to a close there is a unique opportunity for assisting the ongoing struggle for full recovery of the Gulf Coast….”  Click here for full story

Messy Mya’s Funeral Plays to Sold Out Crowd  

Nov. 19, 2010 – “…By late Monday afternoon, at least three memorial parties in New Orleans and Houston had been announced online, as well as a candlelight vigil and rally hosted by the Barre family with the local nonprofit Bounce Nation…”  Click here for full story

Five Years After Katrina, the Gulf is Showing Us All the Way Forward

Aug. 30, 2010  "....The Alliance Institute is bringing organizations together across the region to work on projects like creating independent health care clinics in underserved areas, or advocating for the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act that would fund jobs and training in the areas hit hardest by these disasters...."  Click here for full story

The Alliance Institute: The Quest for Fairness and Equality Continues in the Gulf Region

Aug. 29, 2010  "...Five years after Hurricane Katrina, one of the most striking problems in the recovery from the storm has been that states are exercising too much power and the federal government too little. This imbalance has had a terrible impact on poor communities..."  Click here for full story

RFK Europe Grand Event in Venice in Support of the Gulf Coast Population

Aug. 27, 2010  “…Bradberry is the co-founder and Executive Director of Alliance Institute, a New Orleans based organization which brings together an experienced team of trainers, public service specialists, development specialists, and grassroots leaders to provide individuals, families, and organizations with the skills and information necessary for them to fully participate in the decision-making processes that affect them in their homes, neighborhoods and communities…”  Click here for full story




Stephen Bradberry,

executive director of theaaa Alliance Institute, a non-profit that provides community organising support in the Gulf South, worries that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not accepting health claims, thus leaving sick residents unable to work and without any income to pay their medical bills.