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Raven-Symone’, Watermeloandrea, Wylecia, and Sweet Sweet Karma!

Last Thursday, October 8, 2015 to be exact, Cliff Huxtable’s favorite grandbaby, took yet another step away from our endearing hearts. In her latest formation, as the spunky Raven-Symone’, our deares Olivia outraged the interwebs by uttering the following during a discussion regarding racial assumptions based on names, "I'm not about to hire you if your name is Watermeloandrea.” The webs were aghast!

But Jesus, Allah, Buddha, etc. is good. For early on the following Monday morning, I received the grandest, most blessed piece of information one can possibly receive after 3 ½ days of folks being mad at Olivia. On that morning, the clouds parted and I received news (albeit about a month late, but the Monday morning revelation was necessary for,  if nothing else, the drama) that the League of Women Voters had announced that their new Executive Director would be Dr. Wylecia Wiggs-Harris! DR. WYLECIA!!!

Now, I’m not sure if the League of Women Voters figured it was a good time to re-announce Dr. Wylecia’s new position. You know, since name-discrimination was all up in the news-feeds and all. Nevertheless, I shared the bejeezus out of that post.

A quick quote from the League’s President, “I am thrilled that Wylecia will be bringing her talents and leadership acumen to the League of Women Voters,” said Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of Women Voters of the U.S. “Her considerable skills in guiding organizations and setting a strategic vision and roadmap for the future will be incredible assets to the League. Wylecia comes to the League at this exciting and important time as we celebrate 95 years and look toward our 2020 centennial. I am confident that with Wylecia at the helm, we will reach new heights.”

I thank God that neither Dr. Harris, nor her parents, shied away from naming her Wylecia, because with all the xenophobia aggravating these United States at this time, Dr. Harris is the best woman for the job; wearing her name not as an albatross, but as an exclamation point. Cuz, that’s SO Wylecia!